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ClassWorks School Automation System

Simplified and Innovative 21st Century College/School Automation Solution with Insightful reports and analysis.

User Experience

ClassWorks is simple and intuitive. The intuitive interface negates the need for constant training and maximises usage.


ClassWorks is designed to support schools of all sizes and structure, with customizable grading, Attendance and much more.


ClassWorks is built with the latest technological tools, standards and platforms, guaranteeing security, speed and a 99.99% uptime.

Recent Updates

Attendance Monitoring system

AMS Provides you with a unique platform of taking attendance digitally for both staff and students with the use of a digital ID card generated from the system.

Child Safety System

CSS is a child pick up system that gaurantees the security of pupils/students at the close of school. Access to pick up students are strictly for parents and those approved by the parents on our system are allowed to pick up pupils/students from the school.

On-Desk Payment Terminal

Manage and collect all students fees payments with ease, whether online or offline without internet connectivity restrictions and coverages. Process card based and cardless payments easily on-site.

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